Rent a car in Bucharest terms and conditions

The customer must be at least 21 years old, have more than 1 year driver’s license and a valid passport or residence permit.

Vehicle Use

The customer undertakes to drive the rented vehicle by observing the legal provisions regarding card driving. In case of offence, he/she is criminally liable.

Vehicle Condition

The vehicle is rented under good operating and body condition. In case of breakdown or accident, the customer will inform the owner without delay, who will give all suitable instructions for that particular situation.


The fees are set in Euro. Cash payments are accepted at the N.B.R. exchange rate of the payment day.

Fuel and Oil

The fuel is in the customer’s charge. The vehicle’s oil and maintenance are in the owner’s charge. The customer must check the oil level, and if it needs to be added it will be disbursed against submission of a paid invoice.


The vehicle is insured against damages caused to third parties. Clothing and objects transported are not insured.

Delivery / Return

It takes place at the owner’s company head office. Upon request, the customer may be waited at the airport or in other locations in Romania based on a set fee.
The car is delivered with full fuel tank. The car will be also returned by the customer with full fuel tank. If the car is not returned with the fuel tank full, the customer is charged 2 € / litre.


Any dispute arising during the performance of this contract shall be settled by the competent courts with jurisdiction in Bucharest.