Rent a car with chauffeur

Our customers’safety and comfort are very important to us and because of that Auto&Stil Rent a Car Romania will provide you with the services of a professional chauffeur, besides the specific car and minivan/minibus rental. Our drivers are experienced professionals and they will make sure you and your companions arrive safely and on time to any destination.

A personal chauffeur is no longer a forbidden luxury but very often a necessity. By just adding a small fee to a regular car rental price, we will ensure you a stress-free trip. Auto&Stil Rent a Car Romania drivers will be at your service for up to eight hours a day. Our drivers are available for extra hours so your schedule is completely covered and you would not feel constrained by time when renting a car.

Therefore, whether you’re a business or leisure driver going on holiday, you will feel free to relax and enjoy the ride, Auto&Stil Rent a Car chauffeurs are ready to drive you to your destination.

Prices for rent a car with chauffeur

The services of a chauffeur cost 40€/8 hours. If the 8 hours stipulated in the contract are exceeded, an extra fee of 5€/hour will be charged.

If you want to transport pets, you will need a special cage. This facility is also charged for 5€.

The price includes: insurances, taxes including the road tax, and VAT.

The price does not include: fuel, parking taxes, meals and accommodation for the driver.

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